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The Original Ammo Can and Ammo Box Combat Humidor

The original handmade Combat Humidor - made in the USA - by veterans. What makes it so great and unique? Lemme tell you:

-Double water-tight seal system guarantees your cigars are never wet when you take it hunting or boating. 

- Our signature air buffer keeps the outside out and locks the right amount of moisture in. Just like your thermos keeps your Joe warm - but better because ... cigars.

- Spanish cedar construction with dual trays and lid make it smell like gold.

- Did we mention it's BADASS, because it's the original Combat Humidor which is loved by Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Contractors, Mercenaries, TCN's, and Pirates.  

The first Combat Humidor was made to go with the inventor to Iraq and serve as their Marine Embedded Advisory Team's humidor. Today, the Combat Humidor ammo can humidor can be found in cigar clubs and smoke pits everywhere our troops are deployed to around the world.

There are thousands of Combat Humidors proudly storing adventurers cigars in some of the most hostile and sometimes pleasant environments.